How to make flower crowns for your wedding or hen party

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Taken at a Hen Party at Balsham House

Taken at a Hen Party at Balsham House

Welcome to my flowery blog, I’m here to demystify flower arranging! Don’t worry, if you have any questions just send me an email and I’ll be happy to help

To make flower crowns for your wedding or hen party, just follow the steps below…

Step 1

A moment of concentration with me and a bride to be….

A moment of concentration with me and a bride to be….

As I say to all the brides and mothers of the bride who want to do their own wedding flowers, make sure you invite a posse of friends and family to help. People want to be useful before a wedding and you, personally, want to enjoy it and not be stress out by the whole event.

Step 2

Make sure you have enough space to make the flower crowns, you’ll need an area where you can store your flowers in buckets and you’ll also need a good size table to work on, a garage is a good place as you’ll want to keep everything cool. I would advise making the crown the day before the wedding using flowers and foliage the holds up out of water and then keep them in a cool space. I would also make an extra crown just incase the odd flower decides it’s not happy.

Step 3

So, now to the flower choice. If the flower crowns are for a hen party or a night out then you can all make them on the day with any different type of flower, even picked from your garden if you grow any……I would pick a few beforehand and put them in water overnight and then see how long they last out of water with Stemtex wrapped on the ends (I’ll talk you through what Stemtex is later in the blog)

Here’s a suggestion of flowers that will hold up and that your local wholesaler or a local florist shop can order in…. (if you are going eco, there will be a local growers who can supply flowers but you’ll need to make these on the morning of your wedding)..

Flowers ….waxflower, asters, cornflower, spray roses (not normal size roses as they are too heavy), alstromeria, asters or lisianthus

Foliage…senecio (silver leaves), maidenhair fern, ruscus, hypericum, pittosporum or choisya


Step 4



White rose





Dusty Miller ( a type of senecio)

  1. Take two or three wires and bind the ends together to fit the size of your head with a bit of overlap

  2. Then wrap the Stemtex over the wires. This is a sticky green tape which will go over the wires and sharp ends and also help the flowers to stick to the crown

  3. Make a loop at one end and leave the other end free so that it can be pull through the loop when the crown is completed.

  4. Put together small bunches of flowers and foliage and tie then with tape.

  5. Once you have made enough bunches to go the entire length of your crown, begin to attached them using Stemtex again along the entire length of the crown, making sure there are no gaps.

  6. Make sure the flowers all face the front and place on your head and secure the ends through the loop.

  7. Finish with a slurp of Prosecco with your other hens and you’re ready for a night out!

A most subtle flower crown using wax flower, perfect for a bride

A most subtle flower crown using wax flower, perfect for a bride


If you’d like to host a Flower Crown hen party, please contact me or fill in the details on the follow link . I host them at my home and gardens in Balsham, Cambridge, Uk for up to 25 people.